Table Of Contents

IAEA DCN codes

Structure and Spectra

SGN General
SLS Line Broadening, Shapes and Shifts
SIA Interatomic Potentials
SPM Polarizabilities, Electric Moments
SEW Energy Levels and Wavelengths
STP Transition Probabilities and Oscillator Strengths
SSM Potential Curves and Structure of Molecules
SDP Dynamic Polarizability
SIR Infrared Spectra
SVS Visible Spectra
SXR X-Ray Spectra
SRS Rotational Spectra
SVB Vibrational Spectra
SAI Autoionization
SAD Autodetachment
SDS Autodissociation
SMM Magnetic Moments
SHF Hyperfine Structure
SIE Isoelectronic Sequences
SFT Forbidden Transitions
SQE QED Effects
SRP Relaxation Processes
SIP Ionization Potentials
SRY Rydberg States

Electron-Heavy-Particle Interactions

EGN General  
EAS Angular Scattering  
EBS Bremsstrahlung e+A \rightarrow e+A+h\nu
EDX Deexcitation e+A^* \rightarrow e+A
EEL Elastic Scattering e+A \rightarrow e+A
ELB Line Broadening, Shapes and Shifts  
ETS Total Scattering  
EDT Detachment e+A^- \rightarrow A+2e
EFL Fluorescence  
EEX Excitation e+A \rightarrow e+A^*
EEX Change of Excitation  
EIN Ionization e+A \rightarrow e+A^++e
EMI Multiple Ionization e+A \rightarrow A^{+n}+(n+1)e
ENI Negative Ion Formation e+A \rightarrow A^-
EMT Momentum Transfer  
EMT Transport CS’s (momentum,...)  
EUP Unknown Products  
EDP Depolarization, Change of Polarization  
EIP Creation of an ion pair (positive-negative) e+AB^+ \rightarrow A^-+B^-
ERC Recombination (general) A^{+q}+e \rightarrow A^{+(q-1)}
ERR Radiative Recombination e+A^+ \rightarrow A+h\nu
ERD Dielectronic Recombination e+A^+ \rightarrow A^{**} \rightarrow A^*+h\nu+e
ERT 3-body Recombination e+e+A^+ \rightarrow A+e
ERO e-i-o Recombination e+A^++B \rightarrow A+B
EDC Dielectronic Capture e+A^+ \rightarrow A^{**}
EDS Dissociation e+AB \rightarrow e+A+B
EDR Dissociative Recombination e+AB^+ \rightarrow A+B
EDA Dissociative Attachment e+AB \rightarrow A+B^-
EDE Dissociative Excitation e+AB \rightarrow A^*+B+e
EDI Dissociative Ionization e+AB \rightarrow A^++B+2e

Photon-Particle and Field-Particle Interactions

PGN General  
PTS Total Absorption, Scattering  
PDS Photodissociation h\nu+AB \rightarrow A+B
PES Elastic Scattering h\nu+A \rightarrow h\rightarrow+A
PMA Multiphoton Absorption (excitation and ionization) nh\nu+A \rightarrow A^*(A^+)
PDT Photodetachment A+B \rightarrow AB+h\nu
PFL Fluorescence  
PEX Photoexcitation h\nu+A \rightarrow A^*
PIN Photoionization h\nu+A \rightarrow A^++e
PFF Free-Free Absorption or Inverse Bremsstrahlung h\nu+e+A \rightarrow e+A
PEA Effective Absorption, Total Diffusion  
PTA True Absorption  
PAD Angular Diffusion (scattering)  
PED Elastic Diffusion (Thomson, Rayleigh)  
PNL Non-linear Effects  
PLE Emission of Line  
PZE Zeeman Effect  
PSE Stark Effect  
PGF General Electromagnetic Field  
PTF Interaction with Time-Varying Fields  

Heavy-Particle Interactions

HGN General  
HAS Association A+B \rightarrow AB
HLB Line Broadening, Shapes and Shifts  
HDS Dissociation A+BC \rightarrow A+B+C
HDX Deexcitation A^*+B \rightarrow A+B
HES Elastic Scattering A+B \rightarrow A+B
HCX Charge Transfer A^++B \rightarrow A+B^+,A^-+B \rightarrow A+B^-
HUP Unknown Products  
HAS Angular Scattering  
HIR Interchange Reactions A+BC \rightarrow AB+C
HEL Inelastic Energy Losses  
HET Energy Transfer  
HIP Interaction Potentials  
HRC Recombination  
HTS Total Scattering  
HDT Detachment A+B^- \rightarrow A+B+e
HFL Fluorescence  
HEX Excitation A+B \rightarrow A^*+B
HIN Ionization A+B \rightarrow A+B^++e
HPN Penning Ionization A^*+B \rightarrow A+B^++e
HST Stripping (of projectile) A+B \rightarrow A^++B+e
HAT Attenuation  
HXT Excitation Transfer A^*+B \rightarrow A+B*
HAI Associative Interchange Reactions  
HDI Dissociative Interchange Reactions  
HDC Dissociative Charge Transfer A^++BC \rightarrow A+B^++C
HMN Mutual Ion-Ion Neutralization A^++B^- \rightarrow A+B

Particle-Matter Interactions

MGN General
MAC Accomodation
MAD Adsorption
MCR Chemical Reactions
MDE Desorption
MRE Reemission
MRF Reflection
MSD Surface Damage
MSE Secondary Electron Emission
MIR Radiation Induced by Particle Impact on Surfaces
MNE Neutralization, Ionization, Dissociation
MSP Sputtering
MRS Radiation-Enhanced Sublimation
MTD Trapping, Detrapping
MPE Photoelectric Ejection of Electrons
MEL Energy Loss and Stopping Power
MPR Particle Range
MMS Multiple Scattering
MCP Charge State Population
MEP Excited State Population
MRH Reflection of Heavy Particles from Surfaces
MRL Reflection of Electrons from Surfaces

Data Compilations

DGN General
DEH Electron-Heavy Particle Interactions
DHH Heavy Particle-Heavy Particle Interactions
DPF Photon-Particle and Field-Particle Interactions
DSS Structure and Spectra
DTP Transport Properties
DPM Particle-Matter Interactions


BGN General
BEH Electron-Heavy Particle Interactions
BHH Heavy Particle-Heavy Particle Interactions
BPF Photon-Particle and Field-Particle Interactions
BSS Structure and Spectra
BTP Transport Properties
BPM Particle-Matter Interactions