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Lineshapes dictionary

Possible broadening and shifting names, lineshapes, parameters are listed below. The list is incomplete, it will be expanded before the release and extended later based on user requests and feedback.

Broadening names

  • pressure for collisional broadening processes
  • pressure-neutral for collisional broadening with neutral perturbers
  • pressure-charged for collisional broadening with charged(ionized) perturbers
  • doppler for Doppler broadening
  • instrument for instrument-specific broadening
  • natural for line broadening caused by finite lifetime of initial and final states. Usually, Lorentzian line profile should be used.

Shifting names

  • pressure for linear pressure shifting in hi-res spectroscopy

Lineshape names and parameters

  • Lorentzian
    • gammaL
  • Voigt
    • gamma
    • sigma

to be continued...