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This section describes the changes between VAMDC-XSAMS versions. For a complete changelog, describing the difference between IAEA XSAMS and first release of VAMDC XSAMS (v0.2), refer to a separate Changelog document [VAMDC-XSAMS-LOG]

Changes between VAMDC-XSAMS 0.3 and 1.0

  1. Added extra XSAMS Process Codes suggested by MLD
  2. Move process codes to typesAttributes.xsd
  3. Added ProcessClass element to Processes.Radiative transitions
  4. BasisStates are now given once at the root of the Molecule element and referenced in StateExpansion, which gives the coefficients only.
  5. BasisStates have their own stateIDs, starting with SB prefix
  6. Added evaluation to DataSet children, remove extension of PrimaryType
  7. removed PhysicalUncertainity from FitData and TabulatedData
  8. fixed bug in J for open-shell cases lpos and ltos, which should be ctypes:AMType
  9. change DataDescription element name into Description in DataSeriesType
  10. Particle name attribute is now mandatory
  11. Implemented vacuum flag, environment reference, airtovacuum conversion factor for transition Wavelength element in EnergyWavelength
  12. Added BranchingRatio element to CollisionalTransition
  13. Use stateRef for energyOrigin attribute of StateEnergy in MolecularStateCharacterisation.
  14. Added attribute auxillary to MolecularState to indicate states that were included only to be referenced as energyOrigin or lowestEnergyStateRef.
  15. Added pressure-neutral and pressure-charged Broadening names
  16. Added energySpectrum, massSpectrum, braggCurve to the possible values of dataDescription in DataSet
  17. More complete molecular nuclear spin isomer description in Nuclear spin isomer, both for molecular states and partition functions.
  18. OrdinaryStructuralformula element of MolecularChemicalSpecies is made optional
  19. added VAMDCSpeciesID element to MolecularChemicalSpecies description
  20. Some of the cases in Concept of cases are updated.

Changes between VAMDC-XSAMS version 0.2 and 0.3

  1. Fixed spelling error in Sources category, theses -> thesis
  2. cm5 and Torr are added to the UnitsType
  3. Changed Namespace URL from “” to “
  4. Updated Case-By-Case definition of molecular quantum numbers to version 0.3
  5. Renamed CategoryType into SourceCategoryType in Sources
  6. Allowed up to three LifeTime elements within AtomicNumericalData
  7. Allowed more than one IAEA code per CollisionalTransition
  8. Addeded few more Species.Particles: neutron, alpha and cosmic. Latter is ‘any high-energy cosmic ray particle’.
  9. Replaced StateID with SpeciesID in Species.Particles and Species.Solids
  10. Added mandatory id attribute to all Processes
  11. Added optional groupLabel attribute to all Processes
  12. envID attribute is now required for the Environment element
  13. Fixed MatrixType to use correct types for values attribute and Matrix element
  14. Changed few of the XSAMS Process Codes abbreviations
  15. Changed CrossSection to AbsorptionCrossSection in RadiativeType
  16. Introduced CollisionInducedAbsorptionCrossSection for Hitran
  17. Merged table formats from AbsorptionCrossSection and Processes.Collisions, the base type is the SimpleDataTableType
  18. Change the SourceName element to be optional in Sources: sources such as ‘private communications’ do not necessarily have meaningful SourceNames
  19. Changed RadiativeTransition and NonRadiativeTransition to have ‘UpperStateRef’ and ‘LowerStateRef’ elements, plus optional ‘process’ attribute with ‘excitation’/’deexcitation’ values
  20. In DataListType renamed n attribute into count
  21. In LinearSequenceType renamed n , a0 , a1 attributes into count , initial , increment
  22. Simplified Accuracy description and introduced Evaluation description for DataType, DataFuncType and DataSeriesType
  23. Abandoned SymbolType, CNPIGroup of the MolecularChemicalSpecies is now a string containing the latex description of the CNPI group symbol
  24. Introduced ArticleNumber element into Source element, added “vamdc node” option for Category
  25. Renamed Multipole element of RadiativeTransition Probability into TransitionKind. Added P value for transitions due to polarizability, not multipole. For example, Raman transitions.
  26. ElementSymbolType now contains an enumeration of all possible atomic element symbols from the [IUPAC] list. Updated the List of Atomic Elements with the element 112.