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Describes typical processes of a spontanous decay without photons, for instance, autoionization or predissociation.


NonRadiative element is a container for a list of NonRadiativeTransition elements



NonRadiativeTransition element is defined in NonRadiativeTransitionType as the extension of the PrimaryType, containing following attributes and elements:

  • mandatory id attribute of type ProcessIDType,
  • optional groupLabel attribute of type String, used to indicate arbitrary process groups;
  • optional process attribute to specify if deexcitation or excitation is described;
  • mandatory UpperStateRef StateRefType reference,
  • optional LowerStateRef of the same type,
  • optional SpeciesRef of SpeciesRefType,
  • optional Probability element (type DataType),
  • optional TransitionEnergy of DataType, the energy difference between initial and final state.
  • optional string Type element, that may provide additional details (e.g., indicate that this is a Coster-Kronig process).