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The Sources part of XSAMS describes the sources of data, i.e., journal articles, books, proceedings, personal communications, etc. The data sources described here are then referred to in other parts of an XML document by their references (see below).



The element Sources of type SourcesType is a container for one or more Source elements each of type SourceType.



Source element describes a data source, bibliography item or any other reference relevant to the data element.

It has the following attributes and child elements:

  • Mandatory sourceID attribute, of type SourceIDType. This attribute assigns a unique ID to each data source. Must begin with the upper-case letter B followed by one or more characters. The sourceID is then referred to with the help of element SourceRef of the PrimaryType.

  • Mandatory Category element, defined by SourceCategoryType, that may take one of the following values:

    • book
    • database
    • journal
    • preprint
    • private communication
    • proceedings
    • report
    • thesis
    • vamdc node
  • Mandatory SourceName element. It’s value should be a string containing the name of a journal, proceedings, book, etc. Examples: Physical Review A, PhysRevA, PRA, Proceedings of the 10th Conference on something.

  • Mandatory Year element of type xs:gYear. Examples: 2009

  • Mandatory Authors element, containing unordered list of Author elements, each of type AuthorType.


    AuthorType contains:

    • mandatory Name element that should contain author’s name, in form of a string.
    • optional Address element, that may contain author’s e-mail or institutional address.
  • Optional Title element.

  • Optional Volume element for journal volume.

  • Optional DigitalObjectIdentifier [DOI] element.

  • Optional ArticleNumber element, containing a journal-specific article identifier

  • Optional PageBegin element for initial page of article.

  • Optional PageEnd element for final page.

  • Optional UniformResourceIdentifier element of type xs:anyURI that may contain reference to on-line copy of article, database access URI, or any other relevant URI.

  • Optional Publisher element.

  • Optional City element.

  • Optional Editors element that may contain a list of Name elements.

  • Optional ProductionDate element of type xs:date,

  • Optional Version element

  • Optional Comments element

  • Optional BibTeX element for the BibTeX representation of this reference. That element may be useful if you already have data in BibTeX format in your database and wish to export some fields that can’t be represented in XSAMS.