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The Solids branch of XSAMS that describes properties of solids and surfaces is still in the inital phase of development. However, it was decided to provide at least such rudimentary description in order to give users and developers a clear idea of the chosen approach.

The same way as with other species, Solids element is just a container for Solid elements.



Extension of the PrimaryType. Attribute speciesID is mandatory. Must have one or more Layer elements of type MaterialType.


The layer is defined here as a uniform macroscopic part of a solid. It is characterized by the mandatory elements:

Other optional elements are:

  • MaterialThickness of DataType,
  • string MaterialTopology,
  • MaterialTemperature (type DataType),
  • arbitrary string Comments.


Extension of the PrimaryType, must have one or more of Component elements, each belonging to the MaterialComponentType.


Component element has ChemicalElement element (of ChemicalElementType) and either StoichiometricValue or Percentage, both xs:decimal. All these parameters are mandatory.