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XSAMS structure

Atomic, Molecular, Particle and Surface Interaction Data XML Schema Structure

The XSAMS schema provides a framework for a structured presentation of AMPSI data in an XML file. It is based on the physical representation of interaction between various objects through description of the physical states and interaction characteristics. Therefore, XSAMS provides rules for presentation of

  • states of atoms, molecules, solids (surfaces) and some elementary particles,
  • characteristics of interaction between physical objects,
  • sources of the data.


XSAMSData root element

An XSAMSData element is defined by the type XSAMSDataType which in turn may consist of following optional elements:

Example XML instance follows. It has empty Processes and States branches, but is still a valid XSAMS document instance.

Contrary to IAEA version of XSAMS, VAMDC-XSAMS has a namespace URL defined,

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<XSAMSData xmlns=""
        xsi:schemaLocation=" xsams.xsd">
                <Source sourceID="BSRC1">
                                        <Name>Smith J.</Name>
                <Method methodID="MEX1">
                        <Description>High-precision measurements</Description>