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Guidelines and Procedures for VAMDC Document Standards, Schemas and Software Management [v 11.07] [r 12.07]

Documenting VAMDC standards


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Data model

VAMDC e-science infrastructure uses a data model that is serialized in a XML schema called VAMDC-XSAMS schema. The links point to the latest release of the VAMDC-XSAMS schema (though the previous releases are left below for history)

  • The VAMDC-XSAMS schema files can be downloaded below v1.0
  • The VAMDC-XSAMS general reference guide can be viewed and can be downloaded
  • The VAMDC-XSAMS change log to the reference guide is included in the PDF reference guide and is available on line here
  • The automatically generated documentation of the schema can be viewed or downloaded
  • The description of quantum numbers for molecules are done using different sets of quantum numbers packaged in “cases” related to the the type of molecule. The following documentation is compulsory in order to implement molecular databases or in order to understand the content of XSAMS files for molecules. This documentation called “case-by-case” schema documentation can be viewed here


Below are links to documents available for download.

document release 11.05 release 11.12 release 12.07
data access protocol v11.05 v11.12 v12.07
XSAMS Processor protocol   v11.12 v12.07
query language v11.05 v11.12 v12.07
dictionary v11.05 v11.12 v12.07
VAMDC-XSAMS schema v0.2 v0.3 v1.0
VAMDC-XSAMS schema doc v0.2 v0.3 v1.0
VAMDC-XSAMS reference guide v0.2 v11.12 v12.07
VAMDC-XSAMS change log v0.2 included in the XSAMS ref. guide  
Case-By-Case schema doc v0.2 view v.0.3 view v.1.0
registry guide v11.05 v11.12 v12.07
Species identification (InChI)   v11.12  


  • 2011-05-27: First release of standards. Version 11.05

  • 2011-12-21: Second release of standards. Version 11.12

  • 2012-08-06: Third(final) release of standards. Version 12.07
    • Updates in VAMDC-TAP
    • dictionaries updates
    • VAMDC-XSAMS 1.0
    • Final XSAMS Processor service protocol