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InChI/InChIKey [v 11.12] [r 12.07]

Unit Conversion Table [v 11.12] [r 12.07]

  • c = 2.99792458E5 km/s
  • h = 6.626069574E10-27 erg*s = 4.1356675169E-15 eV*s


from\to Å nm microns mm cm m 1/cm Hz kHz MHz GHz THz
Å x1 x0.1 x10^-4 x10^-7 x10^-8 x10^-10 10^8/ cx10^13/ cx10^10/ cx10^7/ cx10^4/ cx10/
nm x10 x1 x10^-3 x10^-6 x10^-7 x10^-9 10^7/ cx10^12/ cx10^9/ cx10^6/ cx10^3/ c/
microns x10^4 x10^3 x1 x10^-3 x10^-4 x10^-6 10^4/ cx10^9/ cx10^6/ cx10^3/ c/ cx10^-3/
mm x10^7 x10^6 x10^3 x1 x0.1 x10^-3 10/ cx10^6/ cx10^3/ c/ cx10^-3/ cx10^-6/
cm x10^8 x10^7 x10^4 x10 x1 x0.01 1/ cx10^5/ cx10^2/ cx0.1/ cx10^-4/ cx10^-7/
m x10^10 x10^9 x10^6 x10^3 x100 x1 0.01/ cx10^3/ c/ cx10^-3/ cx10^-6/ cx10^-9/
1/cm 10^8/ 10^7/ 10^4/ 10/ 1/ 0.01/ x1 /(cx10^5) /(cx10^2) /(cx0.1) /(cx10^-4) /(cx10^-7)
Hz cx10^13/ cx10^12/ cx10^9/ cx10^6/ cx10^5/ cx10^3/ /(cx10^5) x1 x10^-3 x10^-6 x10^-9 x10^-12
kHz cx10^10/ cx10^9/ cx10^6/ cx10^3/ cx10^2/ c/ /(cx10^2) x10^3 x1 x10^-3 x10^-6 x10^-9
MHz cx10^7/ cx10^6/ cx10^3/ c/ cx0.1/ cx10^-3/ /(cx0.1) x10^6 x10^3 x1 x10^-3 x10^-6
GHz cx10^4/ cx10^3/ c/ cx10^-3/ cx10^-4/ cx10^-6/ /(cx10^-4) x10^9 x10^6 x10^3 x1 x10^-3
THz cx10/ c/ cx10^-6/ cx10^-6/ cx10^-7/ cx10^-9/ /(cx10^-7) x10^12 x10^9 x10^6 x10^3 x1


from\to J erg eV 1/cm Hz
J x1 x10^7 x6.24150934x10^18 x5.03411701x10^22 x1.509190311x10^33
erg x10^-7 x1 x6.24150934x10^11 x5.03411701x10^15 x1.509190311x10^26
eV x1.602176565x10^-19 x1.602176565x10^-12 x1 x8.06554429x10^3 x2.417989349x10^14
1/cm x1.986445684x10^-23 x1.986445684x10^-16 x1.239841930x10^-4 x1 /(cx10^5)
Hz x6.626069574x10^-34 x6.626069574x10^-27 x4.135667517x10^-15 /(cx10^5) x1

— Conversion coefficients are based on constant values from the NIST