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VAMDC is an open, scientific, worldwide e-infrastructure that inter connects databases with data on atoms and molecules. The atomic and molecular data available through our infrastructure describe the microscopic world of atoms, molecules, particles and their interaction: energies, frequencies, radiative transitions and their properties, reaction properties for simple systems.

Our data are used by researchers from other domains; for example:

  • in astrophysics in order to understand the chemical composition of a galaxy, of an interstellar cloud, of a planet’s or star’s atmosphere
  • atmospheric physics in order to find the concentration of pollutants of our atmosphere and even for measuring the speed of wind
  • in plasma physics
  • in biophysics in order to simulate the path of electrons in living tissues for radiotherapy applications

VAMDC at present is largely academic in its orientation and in particular there is little industry engagement. In the longer term VAMDC should be providing facilities for industry and business (including SMEs) as well as research laboratories (both public and private).

  • Our Objectives for non-academic users which covers industry (including SMEs), research laboratories, and (inter-)governmental -


    are the following:

    • to enrich our information database on industries interested in atomic and molecular data, thus providing a link between research laboratories and industries
    • to provide access to specific data
    • to strengthen the link between industry and data providers
    • to develop tools on demand in order to handle and transform the data for industry’s applications
    • to set up agreement for technology transfer and to offer support
    • to have partnerships with businesses involved in education and outreach applications
    • to provide a one stop-shop location for all data needs for a sector witout requiring complete access to the academic literature or the necessary skills to use it


  • Our Strategy is currently based on:-


    • on communication and marketing actions that
      • highlight the examples of possible partnerships
      • propose training
      • offer collaborations and possible formal partnerships
  • Our Financing Leadership Strategy-


    • The actions are carried out by the “VAMDC Consortium” members who have some professional interest in those activities. Each member has the intellectual property of tits own developed products (software, database, documents) and is responsible for their maintenance and upgrade.
    • The financing of actions requires (TO BE COMPLETED)
    • The external partners from the industry world may become “associated members” of the “VAMDC Consortium” and therefore will be invited to participate to the “Industry Working Group”, as defined in the Status and Internal Regulations of the “VAMDC Consortium”.
    • The coordination of “VAMDC Consortium” Industry activities is done at the level of the “Industry Working Group” and the chair of this group is part of the “VAMDC Consortium” Scientific and Technical Board, thus reaching the highest level of decision within the “VAMDC Consortium”.
    • All confidentiality matters are handled at the proper requested level with the “VAMDC consortium” partner establishing the partnership.
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  • Contact-


    • Head of Industry Division: J. Tennyson, UCL, London (UK)
    • email: industry[at]

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