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Databases Partners


  • / National Institute for Fusion Science

    Read more
  • / Institute for Ion Physics and Applied Physics, Innsbruck

    Read more
  • / NIST

    NIST ASD Team

    Read more
  • / The Electron Scattering and Modelling group at FLINDERS UNIVERSITY

    The Electron Scattering and Modelling group at FLINDERS UNIVERSITY (Australia).

    Read more
  • / Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal do Paranà

    Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal do Paranà (Brazil).

    Read more
  • / Atomic And Molecular Data Unit IAEA

    Atomic And Molecular Data Unit IAEA.

    Read more
  • / Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology

    Jet Propulsion Laboratory, California Institute of Technology.

    Read more
  • / The Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

    The Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics.

    Read more
  • / INAF – Cagliari Astronomical Observatory

    The National Institute for Astrophysics is the leading Italian Research Institute for the Study of the Universe.

    Read more
  • / INAF-Catania Astrophysical Observatory

    The Catania Astrophysical Observatory (OACT) is one of the twelve observatories which together with some former CNR Institutes.

    Read more
  • / Universitaet Wien

    Partners in VAMDC project (, but not yet partners in VAMDC Consortium.

    Read more
  • / Corporacion Parque tecnologico de Merida

    Partners in VAMDC project (, but not yet partners in VAMDC Consortium.

    Read more
  • / Institute of Atmospheric Optics

    Partners in VAMDC Consortium.

    Read more
  • / Russian Federal Nuclear Center- All-Russian Institute of Technical Physics

    Partners in VAMDC Consortium.

    Read more
  • / Institute of Spectroscopy RAS

    Institute for Spectroscopy was established in 1968 as a successor of the Commission for Spectroscopy within the General physics and astronomy Branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences.

    Read more
  • / Astronomical Observatory Belgrade

    Founded jointly with the Meteorological Observatory on April, 7 1887, Astronomical Observatory of Belgrade (AOB) is one of the oldest scientific institutions in Serbia.

    Read more
  • / Queen’s University Belfast

    Queen’s University Belfast is the leading university in Northern Ireland and a member of the Russell Group.

    Read more
  • / INASAN

    Institute of Astronomy of the Russian Academy of Sciences (INASAN) has grown from the Astronomical Council of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR.

    Read more
  • / Institute of Research in Astrophysics and Planetology (IRAP, Univ. Toulouse III/CNRS)

    The University of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier (UPS; created in 1969) is one of the most important scientific research clusters in France at the heart of a European space and aeronautics capital.

    Read more
  • / Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne

    The Molecular Spectroscopy and Applications group of the Institut Carnot de Bourgogne is the world leader in the analysis of high-resolution spectra of methane (12CH4, 13CH4 and CH3D).

    Read more
  • / Laboratoire de Planétologie Grenoble

    Laboratory of Planetology (laboratoire de Planétologie Grenoble).

    Read more
  • / Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeaux

    The Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Bordeaux (LAB) is a research institute from the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) and the University of Bordeaux.

    Read more
  • / Groupe de Spectroscopie Moléculaire et Atmosphérique de Reims

    The Group of Molecular and Atmospheric Spectroscopy (Groupe de Spectroscopie Moleculaire et Atmospherique , GSMA, UMR CNRS 7331) of the University of Reims, France.,9553.html?

    Read more
  • / Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

    Tata institute of fundamental research.

    Read more
  • / University of South Africa

    University of South Africa.

    Read more
  • / Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute

    KAERI has been the leading national institute for the research and development of nuclear technologies in KOREA.

    Read more
  • / University College London

    University College London is the largest and oldest college of the University of London. It was founded in 1826 to open up education to all on equal terms and to bring the benefits of learning to society.

    Read more
  • / Universität zu Köln

    The University of Cologne is one of the largest universities in Germany with about 49000 students and about 6000 employees working in a broad range of disciplines.

    Read more
  • / The Open University

    The Open University is a world leader in modern distance learning.

    Read more
  • / Uppsala Universitet

    Uppsala University (UU) is the oldest university in Sweden with about 40000 students and over 5000 employees pursuing research and education over a broad range of disciplines.

    Read more
  • / Observatoire de Paris

    Founded in 1667, the Observatoire de Paris is the largest national research center for astronomy. 30 % of all French astronomers are working in it five laboratories and its institute.

    Read more
  • / University of Cambridge

    The earliest records of the University date back to 1209 – with the first college of the University being founded in 1284.

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  • / RADAM Portal

    RADAM portal is an interface to the network of RADAM (RADiation DAMage) Databases collecting data on interactions of ions, electrons, positrons and photons with biomolecular systems.

    Read more
  • / TFMeCaSDa – CF4 Calculated Spectroscopic Database

    Calculated line lists for carbon tetrafluoride (12CF4). The data on CF4 contain the vibration-rotation energy levels, line positions and line intensities in the range from 500 to 1500 cm-1.

    Read more
  • / Belgrade electron/atom(molecule) database (BEAMDB)

    Electron interaction cross-sections for elastic scattering, electron excitation, ionization and total scattering.

    Read more
  • / SHeCaSDa – SF6 Calculated Spectroscopic Database

    Calculated line lists for sulfur hexafluoride (32SF6, 33SF6, 34SF6). The data on SF6 contain the vibration-rotation energy levels, line positions and line intensities.

    Read more
  • / PAH

    The Theoretical Spectral Database of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons was developed in collaboration by G. Malloci and G. Mulas.

    Read more
  • / ECaSDa – Ethylene Calculated Spectroscopic Database

    Calculated data of ethylene (12C2H4). The data on ethylene contain the vibration-rotation energy levels, line positions.

    Read more
  • / VAMDC species-DB

    This Database contains all the species and its VAMDC-Species Ids which are used by VAMDC.

    Read more
  • / KIDA

    The KInetic Database for Astrochemistry (KIDA) is a database of chemical reactions used in chemical models for astrophysical environments such as the interstellar medium and planetary atmospheres.

    Read more
  • / Water internet Accessible Distributed Information System (W@DIS)

    The W@DIS information system is designed to provide access to data, information, and ontologies relating to quantitative spectroscopy.

    Read more
  • / Spectr-W3

    Atomic database Spectr-W3 for plasma spectroscopy and other applications.

    Read more
  • / Carbon Dioxide Spectroscopic Databank 1000K

    Carbon Dioxide spectroscopic Data Base for high temperature applications (CDSD-1000) contains spectral line parameters.

    Read more
  • / SESAM

    SESAM (SpEctroScopy of Atoms and Molecules) is devoted to the spectroscopic analysis of UV electronic spectra of diatomic molecules.

    Read more
  • / Carbon Dioxide Spectroscopic Databank 296K

    Carbon Dioxide spectroscopic Data Base for atmospheric applications (CDSD-296) contains spectral line parameters.

    Read more
  • / CDMS

    The Cologne Database for Molecular Spectroscopy (CDMS) contains a catalog of radio frequency.

    Read more
  • / TIPbase

    TIPbase lists fine-structure levels, A-values, collision strengths and effective collision strengths for astrophysically.

    Read more
  • / IDEADB – Innsbruck Dissociative Electron Attachment Database

    This database contains informations about dissociative electron attachment upon interaction of low energy electrons.

    Read more
  • / UMIST Database for Astrochemistry

    Reaction rate coefficients for astrochemical modelling.

    Read more
  • / DESIRE database (Moscow mirror)

    The main purpose of D.E.S.I.R.E. is to provide the astrophysicists, but also the physicists, with an updated information.

    Read more
  • / TOPbase

    TOPbase lists LS-coupling energy levels, gf-values and photoionization cross sections for astrophysically abundant ions.

    Read more
  • / OACT – LASP Database

    Experimental Astrophysics Laboratory at Catania Astrophysical Observatory, Italy.

    Read more
  • / VALD3

    VALD is a collection of atomic and molecular transition parameters that are of astrophysical interest.

    Read more
  • / MeCaSDa – Methane Calculated Spectroscopic Database

    Methane Calculated Spectroscopic Database.

    Read more
  • / ALADDIN2

    A subset of the IAEA ALADDIN database for testing its implementation as a VAMDC node.

    Read more
  • / RADAM – Ion Interactions

    Database for Radiation damage of molecules of biological interest induced by ion collisions.

    Read more
  • / VALD sub-set in Moscow (obs)

    The Vienna Atomic Line Database (VALD) is a collection of atomic and molecular transition parameters.

    Read more
  • / HITRAN database

    HITRAN is an acronym for high-resolution transmission molecular absorption database.

    Read more
  • / JPL database

    The JPL database contains a catalog of radio frequency and microwave to far-infrared spectral lines.

    Read more
  • / STARK-B

    STARK-B is a database of calculated widths and shifts of isolated lines of neutral and ionized atoms due to electron and ion collisions.

    Read more

    BASECOL is devoted to collisional ro-vibrational excitation of molecules by colliders such as atom, ion, molecule.

    Read more

    An Atomic Database for Spectroscopic Diagnostics of Astrophysical Plasmas.

    Read more
  • / GSMA Reims S&MPO

    Calculated line lists for ozone (16O3, 16O18O16O and 18O3).

    Read more
  • / GhoSST

    Grenoble Astrophysics and Planetology Solid Spectroscopy and Thermodynamics database.

    Read more