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TFMeCaSDa – CF4 Calculated Spectroscopic Database


This database contains calculated rovibrational line lists for CF4. It includes line positions, line intensities, line broadening coefficients, as well as the full description of the eigenvectors, expanded on the rovibrational database. This one is described by all the necessary quantum numbers.

  • Scientific objectives-


    This database intends to provide complementary information, compared to the general spectroscopic databases like HITRAN (also part of VAMDC). These ones provide line lists that mix experimental and calculated data, with experimental data strongly favored when available and limited use of extrapolated calculated data. Here, we provide purely calculated data, resulting from the most recent assignments and fits of experimental spectra from various sources. Thus, both aspects are complimentary in the sense that databases like HITRAN provide accurate data but may be incomplete in several spectral ranges, while our database may be less accurate but more complete (all line of the calculated rovibrational bands are calculated). Our approach may be useful for applications like planetology and astrophysics for which high accuracy is often less important than spectroscopic completeness.


    Another important point is the we provide both absorption and Raman scattering data.

  • Methodology for data-


    The data we provide are calculated using effective Hamiltonian, dipole moment and polarizability parameters that were fitted using assigned experimental lines. All these parameters results from the most recent spectroscopic analyses that were published by our group and close collaborators in the peer-review literature. We also provide purely calculated line broadening coefficients. All analyses calculations are performed thanks to specific programs developed in the Dijon group, for some part in strong collaboration with the Reims group.

  • Contact-


    Scientific manager: Vincent Boudon (vincent.boudon[at]u-bourgogne.fr)

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