About Us


Since 2014 the VAMDC Consortium is managed by a board of directors composed of the full members of the Consortium (see Memorandum of Understanding for details) and by a Science and Technical Board composed of the scientific and technical representatives of each database included in the infrastructure and of experts (full members and associated members of the VAMDC Consortium). The Board of Director manages the political structure of the VAMDC Consortium. The Science and Technical Board manages the VAMDC e-infrastructure and ensures the maintenance and the various technological developments.


  • Officers of the VAMDC Consortium-


    Chairs of the Board of Directors :

    • 2022 – present : XX and YY
    • 2014–2022 : M.L. Dubernet

    Executive Director :

    • 2014-2022 : C.M. Zwölf

    Chairs of the Science and Technical Board :

    • 2022 – present : G. Rixon and N. Moreau
    • 2018 -2022 : G. Rixon and N. Moreau
    • 2014 -2018 : G. Rixon and C.M. Zwölf
  • Members of the Board of Directors-