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VAMDC is an open, scientific, worldwide e-infrastructure that inter connects databases with data on atoms and molecules. The atomic and molecular data available through our infrastructure describe the microscopic world of atoms, molecules, particles and their interaction: energies, frequencies, radiative transitions and their properties, reaction properties for simple systems.

At the level of Education Curriculae these scientific topics start to be investigated in the range 15 to 18 years old and above. More relevant to any level of education are the learning area linked to our user communities. Indeed our data are used by researchers from other domains; for example:

  • in astrophysics in order to understand the chemical composition of a galaxy, of an interstellar cloud, of a planet’s or star’s atmosphere
  • in atmospheric physics in order to find the concentration of pollutants of our atmosphere and even for measuring the speed of wind
  • in plasma physics
  • in biophysics in order to simulate the path of electrons in living tissues for radiotherapy applications

The Education actions are planned to be conducted into the national languages in order to encourage connection to all levels of education.

Please go to the national sub-menu on the left and choose your favorite language.

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