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The Molecular Spectroscopy, Collisional processes and Applications (SMPCA) group of the Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne is the world leader in the analysis of high-resolution spectra of methane (12CH4, 13CH4 and CH3D) and other highly symmetric molecules (CF4, SF6) of atmospheric and planetary interest. It produces and hosts databases of line parameters for these species (positions, intensities, lineshape parameters). Methane is a major greenhouse pollutant on Earth and an important constituent of many astrophysical bodies (giant planets, Titan, dwarf planets, brown dwarfs, methane stars, exoplanets). Modelling methane absorption over a wide spectral range is essential to retrieve methane vertical profiles, minor species abundances and surface properties. It is thus of primary importance for the study of these objects to constitute a highly reliable and consistent database of line parameters extending for the far infrared to the visible region. SF6 and CF4 are very strong greenhouse gases whose concentration in the atmosphere is increasing. The Kyoto protocol recommends the reduction of their emissions. The monitoring of their concentration requires improved spectroscopic models.


For more information visit this website: http://icb.u-bourgogne.fr

  • Role-


    The SMPCA group, as part of the Université de Bourgogne, is a full member of the VAMDC consortium.

  • Databases and Services-


    The Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center is a consortium of services & databases. Among the currently available databases, the SMPCA group hosts the MeCaSDa, TFMeCaSDa and SHeCaSDa databases:

    • MeCaSDa: is a database of calculated methane (12CH4, 13CH4 and CH3D) spectroscopic lines.
    • TFMeCaSDa: is a database of calculated carbon tetrafluoride (CF4) spectroscopic lines.
    • SHeCaSDa: is a database of calculated sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) spectroscopic lines.
  • Scientific Interest of VAMDC Members-


    The science interests of the SMPCA group VAMDC members include the theoretical calculations of molecular line lists (line positions, line intensities and line shape collisional parameters) for CH4, CF4, SF6 and some other molecules of atmospheric and planetology interest.


    List of Members participating to the VAMDC consortium:


    • Vincent BOUDON (coordinator)
    • Badr AMYAY
    • Tony GABARD
    • Michel LOETE
  • Contact-


    Partner/Node contact: Vincent Boudon (vincent.boudon[at]u-bourgogne.fr)