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Carbon Dioxide Spectroscopic Databank 1000K

This version of carbon dioxide spectroscopic databank contains calculated line lists. The line lists include line positions, line intensities, energies of lower states, air-broadening coefficients, self pressure induced broadening coefficients and exponents of temperature dependence of air broadening coefficients, as well as the full line labeling. The CDSD-1000 databank covers the spectral range 257 – 9648 cm-1 and contains more than 3950500 lines. This line list has been generated using an intensity cutoff of 10-27 cm/molecule at a reference temperature of 1000 K.

  • Scientific objectives-


    The data contained in CDSD databank could be used for application in atmospheric physics, in particular, for the monitoring this gas in the earth’s atmosphere, in planetology, in particular for the studying Mars and Venus atmospheres, in astrophysics, and for the solution of radiative transfer problem in the combustion processes. The CDSD-1000 is incorporated into HITEMP database.

  • Methodology for data-


    The data contained in CDSD databank were calculated using effective Hamiltonian and effective dipole moment parameters which were fitted to the experimental data obtained by our group or collected from the peer-reviewed literature. The line-shape parameters originate from the recent semi-empirical calculations.

  • Contact-


    Scientific manager: Valery Perevalov (vip[at]lts.iao.ru)

    Technical manager: Roman (roman2400[at]rambler.ru)

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