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RADAM Portal

RADAM portal is an interface to the network of RADAM (RADiation DAMage) Databases collecting data on interactions of ions, electrons, positrons and photons with biomolecular systems, on radiobiological effects and relevant phenomena occurring at different time, spatial and energy scales in irradiated targets during and after the irradiation. This networking system has been created by the Consortium of COST Action MP1002 (Nano-IBCT: Nano-scale insights into Ion Beam Cancer Therapy) during 2011-2014 using the Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Center (VAMDC) standards. The collected data aim to improve our understanding of radiation damage mechanisms of biological targets on the molecular level. Some of the nodes of the RADAM Portal are integrated into the VAMDC. The RADAM portal has been created and is maintained by the team of MBN Research Center.

Recent progress in the database was described in the following paper.

For more information visit this website [http://radamdb.mbnresearch.com/#]