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Groupe de Spectroscopie Moléculaire et Atmosphérique de Reims

The Group of Molecular and Atmospheric Spectroscopy (Groupe de Spectroscopie Moleculaire et Atmospherique , GSMA, UMR CNRS 7331) of the University of Reims, France, is the world recognized leader in the analysis and theoretical modeling of high-resolution spectra of ozone. The group has the unique experimental equipment for recording long-path Fourier transform spectra (FTS) in the infra-red and visible range, which over years has been used for producing very accurate data on line positions, intensities and line shape parameters for isotopologues of water, ozone, H2S, SO2, methane, CO2, acetylene and other molecules. These parameters are used as reference data in various databanks for atmospheric and astrophysical applications.


GSMA is a Member of the ANR Project: “CH4@Titan: Exhaustive study of methane absorption in Titan’s atmosphere through calculations and experiments” and a member of the GDR Project France-Russia-China “Absorption spectroscopy of molecules of interest in atmospheric sciences and planetology: from instrumental developments to global modeling and databases”.

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    Partner/Node contact: V. Tyuterev (vladimir.tyuterev[at]univ-reims.fr)