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The VAMDC node ALADDIN2 contains atomic and molecular data from the ALADDIN database at IAEA. The data are cross sections and rate coefficients for basic atomic and molecular processes in plasma. Data are normally provided as a function of collision energy over a range that is useful for applications in fusion energy research.

  • Scientific objectives-


    ALADDIN is meant to support plasma modelling and fusion energy research by providing a repository of recommended data for cross sections and rate coefficients for relevant atomic and molecular collision processes and of recommended particle-surface (plasma-material) interaction data. Atomic and molecular data include cross sections and rate coefficients for heavy particle collisions, electron-atom (ion) and electron-molecule collisions and photon collisions. Plasma-material interaction data include reflection coefficients, sputtering yields, penetration data and radiation enhanced sublimation. ALADDIN2 is the VAMDC interface to (at this stage) the atomic and molecular data in ALADDIN. Data can be searched by reactants, products, process, data type, or by bibliographical source.

  • Methodology for data-


    The earliest data in ALADDIN were assembled from various existing national databases, for example the “Redbooks” of the Oak Ridge Controlled Fusion Atomic Data Center (CFADC). More recent data are mostly compiled from the IAEA Atomic and Plasma-material Interaction Data for Fusion (APID) series, published results of Coordinated Research Projects (CRP) and from consultancies for the IAEA Atomic and Molecular Data Unit.

  • Services linked to the database-