2015/06/15 - 2015/06/19 - VAMDC at spring 2015 Interop in Sesto

During the Spring 2015 Interop in Sexten, we will present two major tools provided by VAMDC, the Portal and Spectcol.

Portal :

The portal is the main access point to look for atomic and molecular data in the VAMDC architecture. It allows user to create query targeting all databases.

It has recently been upgraded with a guided query interface. A new asynchronous request system will soon be available (it is in test phase).

Both features will be introduced.

Spectcol :

Spectcol is a graphical tool implemented in Java using the Swing library. It manipulates and merges spectroscopic and collisional data coming from the VAMDC databases.

Recently, Spectcol has been improved by integrating a SAMP functionnality. Data can be directly exchanged between application which means that a table created in Spectcol can be transfered into any other VO tool accepting the VOTable format.

In a first use case, we use TOPCAT which provides plot functionnalities.