2015/04/17 - VAMDC-STFC Meeting for astrophysics users

The UK members of a European Consortium VAMDC (Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre, are holding an STFC-funded meeting to ascertain atomic and molecular data needs amongst the UK astrophysics user

community, identifying what data we will need for interpretation and analysis of key missions involving the UK community: Gaia, ALMA, PLATO, Juice, EXOMars and, given its recent success, Rosetta (as it enters its data reduction phase) as well as Cassini-Huygens. The core aim of the workshop will be to get UK users to identify their current sources of A&M data and how they search for and select such data. Key gaps in the A&M data sets will be identified.

The meeting will be held on Friday 17 April at Queens University Belfast, starting at 11am (coffee from 10.30) and aiming to finish by 5pm in the John Bell Lecture Theatre, Department of Physics, Queens University Belfast.

There are no registration formalities but if you wish to attend please email so we can get catering numbers right.




Nigel Mason (Open University) Introduction to VAMDC (PDF)

Serena Viti (UCL) Data needs for ALMA (PDF)

Tom Millar (QUB) Data needs for astrochemical models (PDF)

Malcolm Gray (Manchester) Maser studies with ALMA and elsewhere (PDF)


Aleksi Suutarinen (Open University) Interstellar ices (PDF)

Alan Fitzsimmons (QUB) Comets* (PDF)

Jeronimo Bernard Salas (Open University) Data needs for JWST (PDF)

Jane Greaves (St Andrews) Infra spectroscopy (PDF)

Jonathan Tennyson (UCL)/Nikku Madhusudhan (Cambridge) Data needs for exoplanets (PDF)


Guilio Del Zanna (Cambridge) Atomic spectroscopy (PDF)

Cathy Ramsbottom (QUB) Atomic data (PDF)

Ian Williams/ Jason Greenwood (QUB) collision physics(PDF)

Guy Rixon (Cambridge) Technical aspects VAMDC (PDF)