Success Stories

VAMDC from MyXclass

C. Endres from the Cologne Team has developed a python library, which can be included into clients in order to connect them to the VAMDC network. C. Endres has supported the implementation of a VAMDC access interface based on this python library into the “myXCLASS interface for CASA”. The user client itself is an external package for the toolbox for the Common Astronomy Software Applications package (CASA) which is supporting the data post-processing needs of the next generation of radio astronomical telescopes such as ALMA and VLA and thus will be widely used in the radio astronomical community. An official version is about to be released and a collaboration agreement with ESO (European Organisation for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere) has been signed about the completion of the client. ESO plans to use myXCLASS as a post-processing tool for spectra recorded with the newest generation of astronomical observatories like ALMA (Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array). The collaboration agreement on the finalization of myXCLASS with ESO is a major achievement, because the involvement of ESO assures long-term continuity and a wide distribution of the developed tools and will have strong impact on the astrochemical user community.

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