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VAMDC standards are a set of norms, protocols, regulations which are the basis of the VAMDC-infrastructure operations.

The following links point to the working version of the standards, where you can cooperate to the standard evolutions (suggesting improvement, rising issues, … ):

On these GitHub repositories, you can

  • rise new issues;
  • propose evolutions;
  • fork the standards for proof of concepts to submit to the community.


The following links point to the “stable”-production version of the standards:


  • Official citation of VAMDC standards-


    The official citation of VAMDC standards is:


    “M. L. Dubernet, M. Doronin, C. Endres, C. Hill, T. Marquart, L. Nenadovic, Y. Ralchenko, G. Rixon and K. Smith, VAMDC Standards Documentation and Reference Guides, version r12.07, Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre, (2012)”