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TAPValidator is an application that simplifies the development and verification of TAP-VAMDC services.

XSAMS documents can be sourced from:

  • remote TAP-VAMDC services;
  • plugin for Java TAP-VAMDC implementation;
  • local files.

Application supports both Graphical user interface and Command-Line mode operation. In command-line mode document validation results are saved in specific XML format, defined by the report.xsd schema, provided in sources.

The full documentation is available here.


  • Version History-


    Version 12.07

    – Integrated VAMDC-XSAMS 1.0 schema, removed obsolete VAMDC-XSAMS 0.2

    – Works with 12.07 standards

    – Added Environment and AbsorptionCrossSections to locator

    – Improved GUI experience, dialogs now remember size and positions

    – Drag-and-Drop XSAMS files and URLs to XSAMS text area (untested on windows)

    – Implemented query preview action (HTTP HEAD request)

    – Implement registry support to get all registered nodes in GUI mode

    – Application starts and works with files when not connected to internet

    – Validation error indicating missing id for idref initiates search on id value

    – Accept XSAMS files/urls as command line parameters both in GUI and command-line modes

    – Added log console dialog, showing important warnings and usage history

    – Add URL open, reload function to menu

    – Load namespace URL from schema files, no need to type it manually, only point to schema location

    – Double click on validation error copies it and corresponding block to clipboard


    Version 11.12

    Intermediate version


    Version 11.05

    First publication


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