Outreach [Eng]


VAMDC is an open, scientific, worldwide e-infrastructure that inter connects databases with data on atoms and molecules. The atomic and molecular data available through our infrastructure describe the microscopic world of atoms, molecules, particles and their interaction: energies, frequencies, radiative transitions and their properties, reaction properties for simple systems.

Our data are used by researchers from other domains; for example:

  • in astrophysics in order to understand the chemical composition of a galaxy, of an interstellar cloud, of a planet’s or star’s atmosphere
  • in atmospheric physics in order to find the concentration of pollutants of our atmosphere and even for measuring the speed of wind
  • in plasma physics
  • in biophysics in order to simulate the path of electrons in living tissues for radiotherapy applications
  • Our Objectives for Outreach-


    Our objectives for Outreach are the following:

    • to provide information through our website and through social networks
    • to participate to public conferences and to institutes exhibition
    • to co-design innovative outreach resources
    • to re-inforce the link between research and citizens
    • to create national networks, and to interconnect them at the international level
    • to be partners of public institutions and associations
    • to offer training on the developed outreach tools
  • Our Strategy for Outreach-


    Our strategy for Outreach is based :

    • on working with individual citizens, with associations in order to define the appropriate outreach resources for a given public. This includes the development of software performing some visualisation of data, the simulation of the macroscopic world, the creation of local selective databases that would full fill some outreach goals, the design of “citizen science projects”.
    • on communication and marketing actions that
      • highlight the examples of available outreach resources
      • propose training for those resources
      • offer collaborations and describe the modes of financing
  • Our Financing and Leadership Strategy for Outreach-


    • The actions are carried out by the “VAMDC Consortium” members who have some professional interest in those activities. Each member has the intellectual property of its own developed products (software, database, outreach documents) and is responsible for their maintenance and upgrade
    • The financing of small scale actions is carried out within the scope of the outreach duties of the “VAMDC Consortium” members through developing outreach resources as part as their normal outreach activities or as part of their student supervising hours. The financing of large scale actions requires stakeholders support at national or international level
    • The financing of large scale actions requires stakeholders support at national or international level
    • The external partners from the citizen world could become “associated members” of the “VAMDC Consortium” and therefore will be invited to participate to the “Outreach Working Group”, as defined in the Status and Internal Regulations of the “VAMDC Consortium”.
  • Open Call-


    • We are looking for partnership with associations, with private or public institutions
    • We encourage to propose ideas and to contact us
    • We will develop the relevant software and offer training on the software
    • The software is freely available after the project